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    Understanding PSoC programmer 3.25.0




      I need help with using the fields in the PSoC programmer 3.25.0. Referring to the image in the attachments. 


      Hardware: MiniProg3 + CYBLE-012011 EVAL board


      1. What does 1614BB0011BA in the Programmer stand for?


      2. Programming modes significance and which programming to choose? Why is power detect always greyed out?


      3. Are device family and device name referring to the chip used in MiniProg3/1614BB0011BA?


      4. How do I know which clock speed to select?


      5. Under the menu bar, there is a power icon which toggles the power. I can see the external power led on the MiniProg3 turn red and off when I click the button. When do I use this option? Will the MiniProg3 power the CYBLE-012011 by default?'


      6. What voltage should I choose?


      7. I am using a 10 pin connector to connect MiniProg3 and CYBLE-012011 evaluation board. So connected is 10p. This configuration supports SWD and JTAG only. I selected SWD. Is that ok?


      8. From my logs, you can see that I am not able to acquire the PSoC device. I verified the checklist in red and it's ok. Any troubleshooting tips?