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    wiced_tcp_receive() stops receiving after idle for more than 10 secs





      Any idea why wiced_tcp_receive() stops receiving after remaining idle for more than 10 seconds?



      I have the following simple loop:



      while (1) {
              result = wiced_tcp_receive(&cometa_socket, &rx_packet, WICED_NEVER_TIMEOUT);
              if( result != WICED_SUCCESS ) {
                  WPRINT_APP_INFO(("TCP packet reception failed
              /* Get the contents of the received packet */
               wiced_packet_get_data(rx_packet, 0, (uint8_t**)&rx_data, &rx_data_length, &available_data_length);
               /* Null terminate the received string */
               rx_data[rx_data_length] = x0;
      ", rx_data));



      The other endpoint can send any number of messages to this loop but if there is a delay of more than 10 seconds between them, nothing is received and the loop hangs at wiced_tcp_receive().



      I have an equivalent loop on a linux box connected with the same endpoint that doesnt have this problem.



      Any suggestion would be appreciated.



      -Marco G.