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    PSoC Creator request


      I have really enjoyed using the PSoC Creator schematic editor!  It makes setting up systems a lot easier.


      I have a request, is this the place for them?


      My request is that the CAN RX buffer configuration window provides the ability to set the Acceptance Mask Register (and maybe also the Acceptance Code Register).  If I am understanding correctly, the AMR register should allow a mailbox to receive messages for IDs within a range instead of a single ID.  At the moment it seems this can only be done in firmware.



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          Hi David,


          You need to use AMR and ACR register in order to recieve a range of IDs. Or you can have multiple mailboxes enabled with the IDs that you need to accept.


          Kindly refer page 23.5 Receiving Messages in CAN of the following PSoc 5LP TRM




          Could you please let me know which device are you using?





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            Hi Harshada,


            I am using a 4200M part.  I can set the AMR and ACR registers in firmware, but I was hoping that in the future PSoC Creator could support setting a range of IDs in the schematic editor, currently the CAN configuration window only supports setting a single ID.



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              I have a general comment


              psoc_creator_feedback@cypress.com or the component feedback survey (View->Other Windows) are great places to make suggestions but bad places to ask questions or get technical support.  You can also make suggestions by opening a technical support case.  Many times those guys know a way to accomplish what you are asking for in another fashion.


              Another word about the component feedback survey, it's hard to tell where to leave feedback, but there is a space for comments.