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    Confusion regarding 4.1/4.2 development kits and PROC devices



      I am confused about the development kits and Proc devices currently available.


      First I found an CYBLE-212019-00 PROC module BLE 4.1 with an appropriate development kit CY8CKIT-042-BLE for the PSOC 4 hardware.


      But after checking the website at Cypress I got the information that a new development kit CY8CKIT-042-BLE-A with BLE 4.2 is out. Unfortunately this new kit seems not to be available everywhere or at any distributor.


      As both kits seem to be based on the PSOC 4 I wonder if there is an difference in the software only and the hardware has not changed.


      Is that right and I can buy an non A version kit and use or update with the newer software or am I wrong here ?


      Same applies for the available CYBLE-212019-00 PROC module which is reported as 4.1 module. Can I update this module to 4.2 with the newer development kit or the updated non A kit ?


      Or are there any diffs in the PSOC4 hardware or the older 4.1 devices locked in any way to this version ?


      Can somebody please clarify because if I start with a new project I would like to get the latest version if ever possible.




      Thank you very much for any usefull answer.

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          Welcome in the forum, Werner.


          The difference between BLE 4.1 amd 4.2 lies in the hardware, so no software upgrade possible.


          You may find those kits from Future Electronics in Germany on stock.






          PS: Where in Germany are you located? I live near Bremen.

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            Hello Bob,


            thank you for your help.


            I found that Future supplies this kits here in germany, but unfortunately shipment is free from Euro 155 or 175 and otherwise there are costs of Euro 26 as I just saw. And thats much compared to the price of the kit (Euro 45).


            Digikey seesm to have stock in the US but seems not to offer it in germany ?


            There the shipment are reduced or removed from Euro 55. Maybe I have to ask them for a delivery to germany. 


            On the other hand which modules in a reasonable price range are to use with the BLE 4.2 ?


            I would like to use something comparable to the part I mentioned before (with antenna, mtching network and crystals). I don't want to build an own antenna or RF design or solder any BGAs for my small design of maybe few 100 pieces.


            Target is a small tester which should be able to be connected mainly to smartphones for viewing or retrieving saved data.


            And as this tester is a hardware for a small group of customers, so no large production is needed.






            I am living in the Ruhr area (Bochum).



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              Starting the development of a new product will need some investments. In the case of a PSoC development this can be comparably small. What you will need is a means to program your 100 boards when the samples start to get delivered. This can be done with a Miniprog3 which you might get from Future as well. This programmer allows for handling PSoC3,4,5 and 6 families. You even might use it to program and debug the PRoC / PSoC EZ-BLE modules.


              It is much easier (and cheaper) now to start developing for /with PSoCs: When I started with the PSoC1 family I needed to get an in-circuit-emulator (ICE-Box) that costs me 400€. I can assure you: Je ne regrette rien!!!!!