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    How to enable the external crystal oscillator in PSOC5.

      Hello, All! I am new in PSoC world. Currently I am working on a project that require accurate frequency measurement. Since PSOC5 internal clock doesn’t accurate, using external crystal oscillator will provide  more accurate measurement.


      I have an external crystal with part number ECS-240-20-33-CKM-TR, which is 24 Mhz crystal and 20 pF load capacitance. I already soldered this crystal on the PCB board next to PSOC chip at Pin 15[0] and Pin 15[1](I have attached schematic). I choose two 22 pF capacitors as load.


      I followed procedure (AN54439_External crystal oscillators) and tried to enable this external crystal oscillator in PSOC creator, but it never work.  (See attached setup).


      I don’t know why that it doesn’t work. Thank you for any help, I will really appreciate.