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    CYSPP : iOS & Android App Examples




      Are there any iOS or Android tutorial videos or docs w/ example source for basic file transfers to a CYSPP based server?


      Also, does Cypress plan to devote continued resources for providing support and 'timely' updates to CYSPP as inevitable bugs begin to appear in the field with any new host platforms? This seems like a daunting task not necessarily within the historical Cypress core product offerings.


      Thanks for any business plans insight.

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          Hello Yashu,


          At the moment, there are no iOS/Android example applications or videos built specifically to work with CYSPP. The best material available for reference for now is the description of operations found in Section of the EZ-Serial User Guide. The setup and usage of CYSPP from the client side does not require many steps; basically just connect, discover, subscribe to the desired data characteristic, and you're all set for arbitrary bidirectional data transfer.


          I know that Cypress will continue improving EZ-Serial to address any discovered defects within the firmware itself or related example code. However, beyond this, I am not sure what other development may be prioritized or not (e.g. creating host API control examples for different platforms or use cases).