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    Help Required for New Product Design using HX2C (CYUSB3333)

      I am designing a product which can act simultaneously as a power bank (PD compatible) and a USB 3.1 gen 1 enabled data hub. 
      for this, I am planning to use CYUSB3333. I have seen the reference design (EZ-USB HX3C USB Type-C Monitor/Dock Solution) given reference design page

      I have some queries:

      Is CYUSB3333 (HX3c) IC capable of receiving power from USB-Type C connector instead of DC Power adapter??? 
      If yes, then 
      1) can i add a BUCK BOOST CHARGER and a battery in my design so that my product can become self powered (i.e. no need of external power adapter) 
      2) As there are two USB- Type C DRPs in CYUSB3333, can I design the system in a way that 
               a) the system can take power from USB TYPE - C and charge the battery (Single Cell Li-Po) 
               b) the system can deliver power to any other device (e.g. smart phone) connecting through USB-Type C connector 
               c) system can simultaneously transfer data b/w both TYPE -C receptacles while charging its own batteries and/or any other device                      (e.g.smart phone) 

      Looking forward for your kind response.