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    SC Block modulator


      Hello everyone,
      In psoc 1 with CY8C29466, how to set comparator_Bus_1 as modulator source to ASD11 (D-type switched capacitor block).

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          Sampath Selvaraj

          ASD11, being a D-Type Switched Capacitor Block does not have modulation inputs. However, ASC21, being a C-Type Switched Capacitor Block has modulation inputs. So I request you to try to use ASC21, instead of ASD11. (Refer TRM pages 416 and 417)


          To connect the ASC21 modulation inputs to Comparator Bus 1, set the AMOD1[2:0] bits in the AMD_CR1 register to 101b. (Refer TRM pages 270 and 376)


          Technical Reference Manual