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    Bluetooth with A2DP

      Hi everyone,


         I like the PSoC software and I am considering using cypress components just because of it. 


         I wonder if there is a Psoc 4 or 5 with standard Bluetooth, or if there is a external component library I can import in the PSoC software?


         If any of  the above is feasible at the moment, could you tell me what would be a feasible approach to have a embedded device to have A2DP and SPP simultaneously?  


         Thank you for your time and advice,





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          I do not believe the PSoC chips support standard bluetooth; I don't know if there is an external library, but my guess would be no.


          A2DP and SPP both require lots of data transferring, so it defeats the purpose of BLE. They are both profiles for standard bluetooth, and are not supported in BLE, but you can always implement a similar profile; This would allow you to make sure it supports both services as well.