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    Interfacing PSoC and Labview



      I'm a student of Electrical Engineering and I'm currently doing my master thesis using the PSoC.


      I wish to generate a wave with this board and, in order to see the output (without an oscilloscope) I searched and found out that it is possible to  achieve this with Labview.


      From what I read, I have to create a .inf file in order to create a new driver so that the PSoC board could be recognized through USB (mine is being recognized through COM5 port). The problem is I can't install the .inf file because a .cat file is missing.


      Does someone know how to solve this?


      Thanks in advance

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                  Telmo, What is generator output frequency and how many points per period you need? Limitation is UART speed, 115k is equivalent of about 1000 samples/sec ~4Hz@256 samples/period. Access to a scope should not be a problem for EE student. At least get yourself one of those $20 USB scopes.   
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            If you are using any kit you can use the UART-USB bridge on the KitProg, so you send data to LabView via Serial Port without requiring any file.


            Or if you are using the USB capabilities of PSoC5LP you can use the CDC interface (this is like UART over USB), again you do not require additional files. If instead you are using HID, Bulk or Interrupt USB transfers to send data from PSoC5LP to the PC you will need the drivers plus some tweaking on the LabView side to being able to communicate over USB.