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    ISSP to update firmware on CYBLE-012011 using another non-cypress micro-controller connected via UART


      Linked post: http://www.cypress.com/forum/proc-ble/updating-application-firmware-ez-ble-012011-over-uart-another-micro-controller




      I was able to update the firmware on EZ-BLE 012011 evaluation board via UART following this document. However, I used the windows GUI provided with the application note. Section 2.5 of the mentioned application note, tells how to use an embedded host for bootloading. But it's only applicable for cypress devices. 


      What is the procedure for non-cypress micro-controllers say arduino? Also the windows GUI takes .cyacd file which is being converted to hex format and is stored in StringImage.h. The documentation says that the bootloading process is built on 4 files:


      1. communication_api.c/h
      2. cybtldr_command.c/h
      3. cybtldr_parse.c/h
      4. cybtldr_utils.h

      How do I use/port the files in UART_Bootloader_Host.cydsn folder into a non-cypress micro-controller project to update the EZ-BLE 012011 firmware over UART?

      Any documentation/projects would help. 

      Thank you