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    Problems when using UART on CX3 with higher baud rate.



      I am testing cyfxuartlpregmode uart loopback example provided with the CX3. I made some weird observation that the example code works well when i run it with lower baud rates like 9600 or 115200. But the same example fails when i try running it at baud rate of 3M. As such higher baud rates are not supported by the pc applications like minicom, i am using the usb to uart converter along with a simple linux application which will write and read back single byte of data at 3M baud. I have verified the usb to uart converter, by looping back the data from the converter itself.It works well and supports this baud rate(3M) . My use case needs uart interface to work at 3M baud. I doubt whether the incoming data to uart is read properly or not.