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    Question about designing with CYUSB3304

      Dear sir:


      When I design a USB HUB with CYUSB3304, I read the document 001-94150, in the chapter "Downstream (DS) Connectors", the DS1_RXP pin is connected to USB StdA_SSRX- pin, while the DS1_RXM pin is connected to USB StdA_SSRX+ pin, I think the correct connection should be:


      DS1_RXP-----------USB StdA_SSRX+


      DS1_RXM-----------USB StdA_SSRX-


      Is the connection in the document right?


      And can the DS_DM/DP/RXM/RXP/TXM/TXP pins be left floating when the DS port isn't in use?