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    Unable to program using PSoC Programmer and MiniProg3




      I am facing a weird problem. I am able to program my CYBLE-102011 eval board using MiniProg3 in PSoC Creator studio. However, I am unable to program using PSoC Programmer. 


      I uploaded my PSoC programmer screenshots in the attachments. The settings are same as the Port Settings in PSoC Creator. I am exiting creator studio before I open PSoC program to avoid acquire conflicts. 


      1.PNG shows the PSoC programmer when I connect my MiniProg3 to the PC with EVAL board attached and after I click 'Progrram'
      2.PNG shows up after a while with error messages.


      The busy LED on the MiniProg3 never lights on even though the PSoC creator shows BUSY.

      What am I missing?