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    PSoC4 pioneer and ESP8266 WiFi module problem

      Hello guys, 




      I started to mess around with  ESP8266 and PSoC4 pioneer kit (CY8C4245AXI-483), this is my uart set up: 






      I have set up my ESP8266 pins like this: 


      CE - 3.3 V 


      3.3 V - 3.3 V 


      RX - TX P1[1]


      TX - RX P1[0]


      GND - GND 


      RST - P2[2] 


      Everything else is left float. 




      I send AT command and check for OK response from ESP like this: 






       if (!WaitText("OK", 100)) 
              UART_1_UartPutString("UART does not work\r\n"); // debug text to putty terminal




      I use some code from similar projects, to check for OK response:




      uint16  WaitText(char *target, int time)     /******************************************************/             
      uint8 targetLen = strlen(target);                                 // Длина искомого фрагмента
      uint8 index = 0;                                                  // maximum target string length is 255 bytes
      char c;                                                            // текущий символ
      {                             // читаем UART  
            c = UART_ReadRxData();                                        // это элемент[index] искомой строки?  
            if( c == target[index]){  if(++index >= targetLen){return 1; }}    // return true если все элементы строки найдены    if all chars in the target match
            else  index = 0;   //..........................                     // не тот фрагмент - обнуляемся 
            if( !UART_GetRxBufferSize()){CyDelay(1); time--;}    // при проверке с==0 - вычитывает несколько раз, поэтому ReadRxData и GetRxBufferSize
          } //while(time);
      return 0;    // буфер данных пуст




      The problem is, that I find no OK response. I thought that UART_PutString() function, does'nt put CR and LF chars at the end, so I put them myself, but I might be wrong, so I tried playing with combinations (no CR, but LF, no LF, but CR, no CR and no LF), but it still does'nt work, could it be that I configured my UART incorrectly? I know that the baud rate is correct, because I tested the esp on arduino board, and everything worked just fine. So at this point I am stumped, any ideas how to solve this?