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    DFB data format




      I have exactly zero experience with the Digital Filter Block, but would like to program it to perform Enhanced PLL on a stream of data flowing from ADC (12 bit signed output of a SAR working in differential mode) and NCO (a pair of sine/cosine samples in quadrature). After reading about its architecture I know it is going to be HARD, but putting the coding complexity aside, please tell me about its data format requirements, because the documentation is unclear.


      Internally it works on 1+23 bit data, but can it accept and/or produce 16-bit external data streams? I don't want any CPU involvement and can produce the NCO data in any format DFB likes, but there is no such freedom in the case of ADC. So, do I need a UDB-based pre/post-normalization stage or just bind them with a DMA and let them merrily mate?