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    EZ-Serial API documentation "error" in data type


      I am not sure where to post this small remark about EZ-Serial API documentation, so feel free to move or delete this post.


      I am working with the EZ-Serial Host API library and I found a small error in the documentation.


      In "EZ-Serial User Guide 0002-11259 Rev. *C", Section, Command arguments, the data type for the "data" field should be "uint8a" instead of "longuint8a".


      Data type for this command are defined in "ezapi.h" line 1618-1623.


      This is not a problem when using the command-specific structure defined in "ezapi.h" (i.e. "ezs_cmd_gatts_notify_handle_t"), but in my code I used another type/declaration.




      Please let me know where I can post such a remark if I found other errors in the documentation or in the Host API.


      Up to now the Host API works great (ported on a Cortex-m0+), and the documentation is nice.





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          Hi David,


          This forum is suitable for one-off reports like this; the document you are referring to is publicly available, so it may be that other users will encounter the same discrepancy and wonder what the right answer is.


          The error that you refer to is actually present in two locations in the guide, both for the gatts_notify_handle and gatts_indicate_handle API commands. The correct data type for the data argument is uint8a, as you noted. This will be fixed in the *D revision of the User Guide. The host API library code is right.


          I'm glad to hear the otherwise positive feedback on the host library and User Guide! Hopefully you don't encounter other errors, but please follow up here if you do.