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      psoc 5
      i am going to purchase psoc 5 chip, but i am confused to select the type.
      i need a chip with maximum analog blocks , previously i worked on psoc cy8c29466 24pxi , there are 12 analog block, i was  planning  to build a big project on it .




      but the analog blocks are limited ( ex , i can't put more than 4 analog continuous time like 2 pga,1 comparator , 1 refmux and then  all the CT blocks are full , so no analog input can come into the chip )
      i want more than this number of CT bloks .,, which type of psoc 5 chip allowed me do a lot of analog tasks without fear from available space ???




      image below shows a small part of the project , i need more analog input , more CT blocks , more analog blocks ,


      the analog apace is full now , what is the best choice of psoc5 chip to do all my project on it ?

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                  PSoC5 has less analog capabilities than PSoC1. The max amount of SC blocks is 4, +4 OpAmps. The digital filter block can perform filtering of 2 channels independently. With PSoC5 you have to shift more processing to digital domain.