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    MiniProg stopped working


      We have two MiniProg 3 (ver B) programmers that we have successfully been using for a while to program devices using power cycle mode. 


      Both of these no longer work. They still program other devices such as PSoC 1 successfully.


      This is using the same connector harness and device which worked before, and the only change I can recall making is upgrading PSoC Programmer from some earlier version to I may have upgraded firmware after being prompted but cant recall for sure.


      Is there some issue with 3.25 with power cycle programming on PSoC BLE devices? Specific device is CYBL10161-56.

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          I reverted to version 3.24 of PSoC Programmer and this works.


          So version 3.25 is broken for power-cycle programming of PSoC BLE devices. Unable to acquire device.

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            I would suggest you to create a support case to get a fast solution (Top of this page -> Design Support -> ...). A Cypress engineer will get in contact with you.





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              I am still looking into this. Another factor I found was that PSoC programmer does not usually recover from hangs which occur when the device cant be acquired, or when the red abort button is clicked during a hang.


              So, in most cases when this happens, every subsequent programming attempt will fail until the program is closed and the MiniProg is unplugged and plugged back in. Until I realised this I wasted a huge amount of time!


              This might have caused a false assumption that the downgrade to 3.24 may have cured the problem. I have spent so much time on this that I dont want to upgrade again to 3.25 yet to see if it breaks, so wont be raising a support case at this point.


              I spent ages messing about with the settings to get it to work. I am not sure what the clock speed is supposed to be but 8 Mhz appears to work best. 3.3 volt programming is needed whereas I was previously using 5V which does not.

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                Hmmm, I've run into a similar issue where I sometimes have to restart the program and replug the hardware to fix a failure-to-program issue, but I don't recall which version I'm running. (I have two miniprog3's, so it's hard to remember which is which)