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    S6SAL211A94SA20010 (LED Lighting Kit for BLE Communication) has no device name

      Hi everyone,


      We have a S6SAL211A94SA2001 (Intelligent LED Lighting Starter Kit for BLE Communication) and we are trying to communicate with it through a linux application. So far we have managed to connect to it using bluetoothctl and it used to appear with the name 'Cypress Demo'. Now I want to ask two things:


      1. For an unknown reason, it has somehow lost it's name. It advertises itself with it's MAC address but the name has been replaced with the ASCII 0x01 character. How can I set it's name to the original string. It can still be connected with bluetoothctl but not through the android app.


      2. What steps should I take to create a linux based application for controlling the leds via bluetooth? As I have already stated that it only connects when we are using bluetoothctl, other tools like gatttool, hcitool, pyblue library of python have all failed to connect to this module. Also, I can see only three characteristics of this module when connected with bluetoothctl. How can I use those characteristics to manually send led controlling instructions to the module?