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    Direct access to UART Rx/Tx ports




      We need direct access to the UART Rx pin of the STM32 processor on a WICED module.


      Is there any way to read the pin state or bind an interrupt?


      If not, is there any side effect in case we connect a gpio pin to Rx pin in parallel?


      Thanks in advance.

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          The function wiced_gpio_input_get() allows you to read the status of a GPIO pin.


          The documentation that describes the mapping of WICED_GPIO_xxx constants to the actual STM32 pins can be found in: Wiced-SDK/include/platforms/<YOUR PLATFORM>/platform.h.



          For the BCM943362WCD4 platform, the USART1_RX pin is GPIOA pin 10 which maps to WICED_GPIO_10 (you will need to check the result once that pin is configured for use by the USART peripheral however).