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    Bootloadable/Bootloader False Success



      The problem is that when I use the Bootloader Host to program my prototype board, the Bootloader Host reports as such


      05:56:14 PM - program Started


      05:56:16 PM - program Finished Successfully


      05:56:16 PM - program completed in 1430 ms.


      Except the code that I am attempting to program into it  does not seem to write to the prototype board.


      The code I am using are the bootloader and  blinking LED bootloadable projects that come with the kit. The blinking LED comes on to indicate that the prototype board is running the bootloader. However, upon "successful" programming, instead of the LED blinking at a slower rate, the LED simply shuts off.


      I have double checked the HEX and ELF dependencies


      I have tried this on two separate Prototype Boards, and on different computers and I still have the same issue. There are no errors to help give a direction to troubleshoot.


      Has anyone heard of this problem before?


      -Thanks for your time

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          Have you held down SW1 when you plug in the board to the USB port?

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            Hi, I'm having ta similar problem, using the same LED blinking + UART bootloader on a CY8CKIT-049-41xx board. I'm able to change the PWM parameters of the LED blinking aplication that runs when not pressing the button, build and use the bootloader host to download the firmware to the board, confirmed by the diffent times the led is on and off. However I've tried to change the PWM parameters of the faster LED blinking in the UART Bootloader side, rebuilding all the files and then downloading the firmware again but no matter the changes I do it appears the bootloader host is only rewriting the LED blinking side, since the LED time of the Bootloader app remains the same. It is my guess that the bootloader app, is only writing the memory block of the LED Blinking app but not it's own section. It was my understanding that the boot loader host sent the full memory contents to the bootloader app and reflash the full memory, is this supositing correct? How could I perform any other changes to the bootloader app in that case? What is I wanted to change it to comunicate by I2C then? That's why so far I've only tried the led time change, in case something else fails.

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              Please post your code so we can check it. Press file then press create workspace_bundle and attach the code in a new post. 

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                Double post, please follow-up here.