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      psoc 5
      i am going to purchase psoc 5 chip, but i am confused to select the type.
      i need a chip with maximum analog blocks , previously i worked on psoc cy8c29466 24pxi , there are 12 analog block, i was  planning  to build a big project on it .




      but the analog blocks are limited ( ex , i can't put more than 4 analog continuous time like 2 pga,1 comparator , 1 refmux and then  all the CT blocks are full , so no analog input can come into the chip )
      i want more than this number of CT bloks .,, which type of psoc 5 chip allowed me do a lot of analog tasks without fear from available space ???




      image below shows a small part of the project , i need more analog input , more CT blocks , more analog blocks ,


      the analog apace is full now , what is the best choice of psoc5 chip to do all my project on it ?

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          You can consider the CY8C5666AXI-LP001.While the analog blocks in this PSoC5LP device does not correspond 1 to 1, it must be able to accomodate your existing PSoC1 design using CY8C29466-24PXI. Kindly note that, there are no analog filter blocks. You have to use the Digital Filter Blocks for implementing filters.Analog IO can be routed to any GPIO in this device.


          You can download PSoC Creator, and do a preliminary design and see if this device is able to accommodate your design.