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    Problem with external clock for PSOC 5

       I use a CY8CKIT-059 PSOC 5 LP Prototyping Kit.


      The processor is running properly, when I use the internal clocks oran external XTAL on PIN 15.0 and 15.01.


      Since internal clock  and XTAL does not provide the required accuracy, I hav to use an external precise clock (e.g. 10 MHz TCXO).


      Up to now we found no way to get the board running with an external clock.


      I followed the  following procedure:


      1. Place a digital input pin in your top design. 


      2. draw a wire from that pin and give some name to that net.


      3. In the .cydwr window, go to clocks tab and double-click 'master clock'.


      4. A window named 'configure system clocks' will open. In this, check the 'Digital Signal' and click on the browse button.


      5. Then select the net that you gave for the pin (clock input) previously and give the frequency and tolerance value.


      6. Now you can use this clock to derive any clock source.




      Do you have any idea, what could be the source of the problem?




      Thanks in advance