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    error the programing through bootloader.



      I take example of usbbootloader , and in my firmware i take bootloadable component. and I able to program through usb.(usb host).


      Now in usbbootloader program added uart_1 component. no change other program but when i program through Usb (usb host) program failed


      due to "The flash row is not valid for the selected array"




      Is it possible in bootloader project both usb and uart component at same time? if Yes please provide me solution.

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           This error means -there is a memory conflict between the bootloader and the code (bootloadable)


          Please check the "Communication Component" is chosen as USBFS in the Configuration Settings of Bootloader Component.


          Build the project,and then after successful build,link the .elf and .hex in bootloadable component's Dependencies section of its Configuartion settings.


          Then ,try to bootload using the new hex file.


          If issue persists,provide us with the project. 

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            I have the same issue. If I try and build my own simple bootloader I get this error when trying to erase the flash with the host program.


            If I used the code from CE95391_PSocC5LP_USB_Bootloader it works fine.


            Comparing the two projects I can not for the life of me find any differences.


            Is there something specific I should be looking into?