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    CCG3 Power Bank


      Hi guys,


      I'm looking to develop a power bank that can both receive and give charge over a single port using CCG3. I can see from the datasheet that the most appropriate part is CYPD3121 (power bank solution that comes RD_DB resistors and is dual role) with but that there's no provided application solution in the SDK. I need to make some custom modification for battery level monitoring etc, what is the correct way to approach this?


      Many thanks

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          1. For CYPD3121, it is target part number of power bank, you could get standard firmware hex inside when you ordered the chip (Do not includes ES). And then update configure table with EZ-PD configuration Utility.

          2. Or use CYPD3125 with CY4531 EVK and SDK. Based on CY4531 EVK and SDK, it is configured as DRP and Data source, which is covered DRP application (Power bank use this application) already.

          3. Or use CCG3PA, CY4532 EVK can show power bank directly.


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