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    Sneakily short two pins together ?




      Here's a weird question. Is there some way I can short two pins together inside the PSoC (in firmware) ?


      I want to use an SCB UART, and route its TX output to some other digital components inside the PSoC. Obviously I can't do that in the same way I could with a UDB UART, because the I/O connections aren't available for connection.


      What I'm doing instead is to externally connect the UART's TX pin to another pin on the chip, then routing that pin to other internal components.


      But I'm thinking that there might be some (unconventional) way to do this in firmware.  Is there some way, in firmware, to connect the SCB UART TX pin to the Digital System Interconnect, and route it also to another pin?



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          The SCB Uart component has no TX out or RX pins so you can't.  The UART component does have pins and you can hook-up wires to it and run them to other components.

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            It sounds like @Bobgoar is saying that you can't wire/change them internally, but you can physically wire them externally.


            Once you wire an external jumper to a different pin, you should be able to tie that pin internally with the routing mesh.

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              Hi Bob,


              thanks for the reply.  The way you worded your answer, it made me wonder if you missed the point of my question?


              I understand that the SCB components have fixed pin allocations. I'm not asking if you can change that.


              What I'm asking is if a pin can do two things at once. For example, can I:

              1. Use pin P4[1] as the SCB UART TX pin.
              3. At the same time, connect pin P4[1] to internal components

              I realise that the IDE won't let me do that. What I'm wondering is if there is some configuration register somewhere which I can write to which will allow me to do this.



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                Hi ,

                If you are intending to use same pin for different option in time multiplexed mode, it is possible. HSIOM registers corresponding to the pin need to be used. Check the registers TRM for the device.

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