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    What profile should I select for the BLE module?




      I am referring to the 100_Projects_In_100_Days( but only 52 in the git repository! ). Both dynamic broadcaster(project 9) and eddybeacon(project 50) broadcasts data continuously. 

      Which one would be a correct fit for my project?


      My requirements:
      1. The BLE module should Transmit/Receive data to/from other BLE modules. Exchanged data would be long strings(URLs)
      2. All the modules will be in listening state and upon a random event, the modules will start transmitting the data. Since the event is randomly generated in the BLE modules, some BLE devices will end in transmitting state and some will end up in listening state. 
      3. The transmitted data should be in Ibeacon or Eddystone format. 
      4. Interrupts should work. 
      5. UART communication between an external embedded host should work. 


      My hardware:
      CYBLE-012011 as a standalone device connected via UART to an external embedded host(Arduino)


      What I did so far:
      1. I got the eddyStone project to send beacons from my BLE
      2. I got the dynamic broadcaster project to send the desired data from my BLE

      However, with the eddyStone project I was not able to trigger other interrupts. (My post in here).

      So I switched to the dynamic broadcaster project. Now I was able to trigger other interrupts and get the UART to work, as well as send BLE data.