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    EZ-Serial: API Documentation Error?



      I'm currently trying to get up and running using EZ-Serial and the CYSPP profile between two MCUs. I'm having trouble interpreting the p_cyspp_status event: The Platform User Guide 002-11259 Rev. C says on page 199 that the status bit 5 0x20 means CYSPP Peer support verified and bit 4 0x10 means RX flow blocked by remote server.


      However, the same guide mentions in the API examples, pages 37ff, in text mode that 0x10 means Peer support verified. What is correct?


      Further, I'm always receiving 0x10 when doing p_cyspp_check. Any reasons why I may get RX flow blocked (if the documentation is right)?





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          Hello Andreas,


          This is a bitfield description error in the documentation, particularly in the API reference section describing the p_cyspp_status event. The actual flag bits are ordered as follows:

          • Bit 0 (0x01) = Unacknowledged data subscribed
          • Bit 1 (0x02) = Acknowledged data subscribed
          • Bit 2 (0x04) = RX flow subscribed
          • Bit 3 (0x08) = RX flow blocked by remote server
          • Bit 4 (0x10) = CYSPP peer support verified
          • Bit 5 (0x20) = Data mode active

          This also explains why the CYSPP check process results in the 0x10 bit set. I will ensure that the User Guide is corrected in its next revision. Thanks for bringing the mistake to our attention!



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            Hey Jeff,


            thanks for clarifying this! I was scratching my head for quite some time now, that means that CYSPP was working ever since but my program never started transferring since it thought RX flow was blocked by the remote server...