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    New to PSOC - struggling to get started

      I am new to PSOC and struggling to make much headway on seemingly simple things.




      I started with the "Bootloadable Blinking LED" project, then added a ScanComp component.  It built and all was well.  I increased the inputs on the ScanComp to 10, and I run out of macrocells when I build it.  While I'm not sure it has any more macrocells, I figure I might as well update the project to the larger device that I plan to use for my project CY84248AZI-L475 vs 4245, and now when I build I get errors about bootloader targeting 4245 but bootloadable targeting 4248.  I looked through everything in the Workspace Explorer, and also in the bootloadable component itself and can't find anything that still points to the 4245.  I start to wonder if maybe it has something to do with bootloader vs bootloadable, but when i pull the datatsheet the definitions of each are not meaningfully different to me.  


      So, I'm striking out everywhere I look


      Can I get some pointers in the right direction?


      This is a seemingly simple and small project.  How did I run out of resources(macrocells) when I increased the number of inputs on ScanComp?  The datasheet gives me the impression I could wire this component to all the GPIO if I wanted to...







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          For all the components there is a chapter in the datasheet telling the amount of resources needed. At the right hand side of the Creator window is a tab named "Resource Meter" which tells you (after a build) how many resources your project consumes.


          Every project shows up at the top of the Workspace Explorer window which chip ii is designed for. Right clicking on that line brings up a menu with a "Device Selector" entry. When you change that to your new device and re-build the bootloader project your bootloadable project should compile. Check whether the settings in the bootloadable component point to the .hex and .elf file of the newly compiled bootloader.


          Why are you using a bootloader at all? Depending on your budget and professionalism there are other choices: You can use the snap-off part of a $10 prototyping kit or you get a Miniprog3 which is more universal. Both equipment allow for debugging your project. When the bootloader feature is finally needed you can add it at end of testing before delivering the first samples.





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            Thanks Bob!


            I am less interested in the bootloader, and more interested in my ability to understand the system and know where to look to resolve issues, whatever they may be.  It just happened that I had that project open as a starting point.


            I had already found the "device selector", although I had gotten to it under the "Project" pull down menu.  It was after making that change that I started to get the compile errors about 4245 vs 4248.  I'll check the .hex and .elf in the component


            Thx for the heads up on the resource info in the datasheet.  Seems I had glossed over that section...