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    Why did the PSoC 5LP release its smoke?


      This is probably basic stuff but Cypress Technical Support asked me to post it on the forum. I was attempting to make a charge controller for a solar panel and a 12 volt sealed lead acid battery. For measuring the battery's current I used a 0.01 Ohm shunt resistor and for voltage I used a voltage divider. I tested each separately with the PSoC 5LP and they worked as expected but when I tried to connect both at the same time the PSoC "blew up." Initially I thought it exploded due to a difference in voltage potential because the PSoC 5LP was being powered by a laptop at the time. However, I attempted to connect the circuit again with the PSoC unplugged from the laptop (PSoC was dead at this point, anyhow) and it released more smoke. Could there be some sort of internal short on the board itself? I would like to avoid this sort of thing in the future, so any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.