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    A firmware update association problem.

      We want to update FX3 firmware by the steps: Insert a FX3 module into the computer, then press a key such as "firmware update", updating firmware, success, then reset to restart from SPI. 


      The step of "press a key---firmware update", we want to send a command to FX3 module to erase flash. then,  SPI on Failure, USB boot up. The problem is how to go through from computer to FX3, maybe API needed, but what's the right API?


      Thank you very much.

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          It is basically a SPI communication with the Flash. You need to have a interface wot communicate to the Flash (SPI). On the button press, you can trigger a SPI write for any number 4/8 byte to constant zeros or ones. This will make the flash img content invalid and the FX3 should fallback to USB boot. Once in USB boot, you can re-program the Flash with the new .img file.