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    How can I establish a connection with a WPS-discovered AP?




      We are attempting to connect with a router through WPS without having to modify the DCT, and thus are using the low-level wiced_wifi_join().



      Our code uses wiced_wps_enrollee() to find APs and wiced_wifi_join() to join them.


      join() returns WICED_SUCCESS, and wiced_network_is_up(WICED_STA_INTERFACE) returns TRUE immediately after joining.


      Subsequent code that attempts to use this interface, however, fails at the link check stage.


      For example, wiced_udp_create_socket() returns -4 (WICED_NOTUP).



      When we instead hardcode this access points credentials and use wiced_network_up(), we do not run into any issues.



      What steps do we need to take before/after wiced_wifi_join() to bring up our connection?