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    how to modify CYALKIT-E02 firmware to mimic iBeacon

      I have a project with these solar beacons and have the Cypress DevKit firmware modified. I can read it with the Cypress APPS (Win, iOS, Android). What I want to be able to do is read it with one of the generic iOS phone apps which can locate commercial beacons advertising in accordance with the iBeacon Standard (with the Apple Location Framework in xcode). It appears that the beacon advertising packet is very similar if not identical to the apple specification with the minor value (2 bytes #27 and #28) being the 8 bit representation of humidity and temperature. I must be missing something because none of the iOS apps I have tried can identify that it is a beacon even when I put in the UUID. The app I am using is called 'locate' on my iphone. I put the UUID of 00050001-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B0131, with a major of 1, it never appears in 'locate' though it appears in the Cypress App.


      What am I missing?