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    Need Help in selecting an Efficiency EZ-USB Endpoint Buffer Config.

      Dear Experts,


      I am using CY7C68013A-56pin + FPGA for camera data capture based on slave FIFO interface. My pipe plan: IN: video data; OUT:  cmd data takes only few bytes and will be sent from host pc to FPGA occasionally. I refer EZ-USB TRM 001-13670_OE.pdf (page 30, Fig.1-17) for the endpoint buffer configuration selection. My question is that based on Fig.1-17, which configuration is the best for my project. Actually I feel #11 maybe the selection but my OUT data is only few bytes which will be sent occasionally only. So is there any other better selection for the OUT pipe? Actually I considered EP1 OUT but finally I found it is not included in the slave fifo interface. So I need your advices on this issue. Thanks.




      Brian Bai