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    Newb can't figure out enabling counters


      I have an application where I need several counters to manage shifting bits out.  I have a PSOC5LP, and decided to try to create the stand alone logic there - trying to implement with just the schematic entry logic tools for starters.


      I've tried several different counters, both UDB and fixed, including "Counter", "Count7", "Basic Counter", and in each case have fed them a low speed clock (5-50Hz), and used the built in LED to attempt to monitor the output (P2.1). On counters with an "enable", I attached a "LOGIC HIGH" to enable, and devices with a reset a "LOGIC LOW". 


      Even though I can monitor the clock ticking (when set to few Hz) with the LED, the output of the counter, the TC and the Compare never change, even when using a "SYNC" element for UDB counters.  It's like there is a separate enable beyond the "Hardware only"... 


      This is such a basic thing, and the two examples I can find are both for different eval kits with LCDs, so they won't run. There must be a "make it go" button somewhere that I'm missing. 


      Thanks much