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    how to reduce the size of cyacd file generated using PSoC creator ?




      I want to store the generated .cyacd file from a bootloadable project into an embedded host. The embedded host a RAM size of 128KB.  My project's .cyacd file is 195KB. I am looking for ways to shrink this image so that I can store it in the embedded host. This is needed so that I can bootload the firmware image onto CYBLE-012011 from the embedded host flash instead of downloading it from a server. 

      Also, what is the difference between .cyacd file and .hex file? Why are we using .cyacd file for bootloading using an embedded host?

      Out of curiosity, I have created an empty project and placed a few components in it. Without application code the generated hex file is about 282 KB and .cyacd file is about 7 KB. With my application code, the .hex file is still 282 KB but the .cyacd file grew to 195 KB. I don't get this. The .hex file size is always the same? Any ideas?