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    USBUART on Windows 10


      Hi ,


      I have several questions on this topic. 


      1. When I use my device plugged directly to the PC, Windows 10 "Creators Update" uses its own usbser.sys. It looks like no Cypress driver is needed as the communication appears to work fine. Is this correct ?


      2. Even though it seems to work, I have no "eject" symbol in windows where I can disconnect logically. Is this not needed or a driver fault ?


      3. For my project I need to connect the device at a remote location via LAN. Hence I need a solution e.g. with a USB Network Server. Do you have experience with USBUART on an USB Network Server (LAN to USB Hub) ? Any idea is highly appreciated at this point.


      4. When does USBUART_1_GetConfiguration() return a non-zero value, as soon as it is enlisted in the device manager of windows ? I would appreciate more information on this call to be able to monitor USB states better. E.g. I need to identify events where the device is disconnected logically from i.e. the USB Network Server.


      Thank you very much in advance