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    'Dumb' GPIF throughput with cy7c68013a





      I'm working on a design involving a DDS which needs a high speed interface to a PC. The cy7c68013a seemed suitable. I'd like to achieve the highest possible throughput from Host -> FX2LP -> DDS by continuously keeping the FIFO filled.


      However, I can't find any information on how to set-up the GPIF in such a way that it will automatically start a transaction whenever there is data available in the FIFO. Whever a transaction has finished, and the GPIF is idle again, a new bulk transfer does not automatically initiate a new transfer out of the GPIF; I seem to need to re-initiate a new transfer each time. The only way I have gotten the chip to continuously transmit is to never let the GPIF go idle, but this means it's also transmitting zeroes, when the FIFO is empty.


      Is there something I'm missing?


      Any help will be highly appreciated!


      Thanks in advance.