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    double UVC device (virtual device) - FX3

      Is it possible to program a composite USB 3 interface which enumerates as a double UVC device?


      How should I program the descriptor and what else is it required to make it work?


      I'm trying adding endpoints but it seems that modifying only the descriptor is not enough.

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          Why do you plan to use 2 UVC interfaces? It can be done, if you just need for virtual purpose by setting the descriptors correctly. Please mention your requirement alongwith a block diagram to understand your requirement.

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            In my system I have a stereo camera and other sensors that I want to acquire and send to a host computer through USB (please refer to the attached block system). I need to decouple the "other sensors" acquisition and the stereo camera one, because the camera would restrict the acquisition rate to 30 Hz (30 fps of the camera).


            I would prefer to have a second UVC virtual device for the other sensors because it would be easy for me reading the data (since I have a working driver and a program for grabbing raw data). The host computer has a custom Linux OS and if I would have a COM device it would not be straightforward to program.


            Do you have any example for programming virtual devices (descriptors and whatever is needed)? I don't have references for double virtual devices descriptors.

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              hello caliao:


                   Does your problem has been solved?Now I meet the same problem as yours.I also want to enumerate a double UVC device.If you solved this problem,can you post out the way?Maybe your experience can give me some help,Thank you.


              Best regards