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    How to improve OTA speed via different handset...

      By using forum suggestion, we use

                  // to make upgrade faster request host to reduce connection interval to minimum
                  lel2cap_sendConnParamUpdateReq(6, 6, 0, 700);


      in ws_upgrade_ota_handle_command()


      however, we find there is big slow different OTA speed toward Samsung handset when device in slave role.




      we try to mark this function,


          // We are done with initial settings, and need to stay connected.  It is a good
          // time to slow down the pace of master polls to save power.  Following request asks
          // host to setup polling every 100-500 msec, with link supervision timeout 7 seconds.
          //bleprofile_SendConnParamUpdateReq(80, 400, 0, 700);


      in encryption_changed(HCI_EVT_HDR *evt)()


      we find there is a speed improve for Samsung handset and in our sys. config, security engine is diabled.


      We question that is it useful and used in BLE-link once security is diabled and also why to mark it,


          //bleprofile_SendConnParamUpdateReq(80, 400, 0, 700);


      it can work with Samsung and any other side effect on other handset if we do it????