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    Find digital input interrupt source




      I have digital input component (SW) configured for 3 inputs (One, Two, Three) sharing the same falling edge interrupt isr_SW. Physically they all connected to P0[0], P0[1], P0[2] - same PSOC 4000 device port.


      How can I determine which pin (for example "SW_One") triggered interrupt from within an isr_SW handler?



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          You'll need to read the inputs to decide which pins have changed from high to low.


          Think about de-bouncing the switches.





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            It is one way of doing it, but if input bounces back quickly to high I may get a false reading plus no way to distinguish between simultaneous transitions on multiple inputs...


            I was hoping for a readable mechanism that holds a record of interrupt source. AN86439 has an example on page 50 using Interrupt Status Register and I see a declaration in generated API: 


            /* Interrupt configuration Registers */


            #define SW_INTCFG                 (* (reg32 *) SW__INTCFG)


            #define SW_INTSTAT                (* (reg32 *) SW__INTSTAT)


            or GPIO_PRTX_INTR as described in TRM.


            but not sure if it is functional in entry level PSOC 4000. I wish Cypress provided an accurate "cheat-sheet" per each chip variation describing implementation limitations vs TRM baseline. 

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              Just to confirm that reading and masking INSTAT (aka GPIO_PRTx_INTR) works perfectly on PSOC 4000