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    I2CHW implementation in bootloader



      I have been using CY8C29866 for a while and I have a I2CHW as a multi master slave. Meaning that it is a slave to another micro and master to another CY8C29866. Now I am trying to setup a bootloader code for it.


      I can’t use the I2CBootLdr UM because I need to be multi master Slave. I started with AN2100 which uses UART for communication and changed the communication to I2CHW. I used the same I2CHW UM in my application and it worked fine until the bootable hex file changed so much that interfered with I2CHW. Now I am trying to setup a separate I2CHW in bootloader section of my code (just like UART was setup in AN2100), but I can’t get it work. I can compile the code with no errors, but I2CHW does not initialize (no communication).