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    LCD_Char_PrintString() doesn't show anything on 16x2


      please help


      project is attached. when i connect the programmer and program the chip or put in debug mode LCD_Char_PrintString() works.


      if i removed the programmer and connected to power supply; LCD_Char_PrintString() doesn't show anything or if i put in debug without programming few LCD_Char_PrintString() doesn't show anything mostly first line.


      working on 3.1 but my other program works which are using the same sub routines?




      i found in lcd.c  char8) '\0' = 0x00


      void LCD_Char_1_PrintString(char8 const string[]) 


          uint8 indexU8 = 1u;
          char8 current = *string;


          /* Until null is reached, print next character */
          while((char8) '\0' != current)
              current = string[indexU8];






      ** this problem may be similar as per page 58 HD44780 on CY8CKIT-049 of our forum.