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    EX-USB FX3 SDK BulkLoop.exe


      I've been using the BulkLoop.exe that comes with the EZ-USB-FX-SDK to verify the hardware on a custom board with a CYUSB3014-BZXI device on it.


      After searching around, the only technical documentation I found on it was a short Knowledge Base Article by Cypress. 


      I was wondering if there was any other documentation out there, or if anybody else has used the tool.


      A few details I'd like to know about the tool are:


      - What's the transfer speed of the tool? (From using the tool, it seems to be about 0.0417 MB/sec, which seems a bit slow)


      - What's the data that's being transferred? Is it a single byte? For incrementing, when it reaches 0xFF, does it overflow to 0x00 and restart?