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    CYACD file format line ending characters


      I have CYBLE-012011 evaluation board and the project I am working on has a bootloadable component in it. The bootloadable points to the bootloader which is configured as a UART bootloader. When I compile and build the project, it generates .cyacd file. So far so good.


      1. The first line contains 12 characters and the lines following has 269 characters each excluding the LF('\n') character. 

      But what I don't understand is in some cyacd files, the line ends with \r\n(CRLF) and in some cyacd files the lines end with \n(LF). Why is that?

      I have attached a zip file(cyacd.zip) which has 2 cyacd files.


      1. Blink,cyacd file is without the BLE component and each line ends with \n 


      2. firmwareImage.cyacd is with BLE component and each line  ends with \r\n.


      Suppose my flash data is :000000000.......789\r\n. What is being sent to the bootloader when bootloading using an embedded host using UART? Is CR part of the data to be sent?