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    Issues with UART to BLE

      Using the Peripheral and Central Profiles of the UART to BLE in conjunction to CoolTerm (Terminal Program which allows you to Send Strings) I am running into a couple issues.   If my strings are relatively short (65 bytes or so), the system is happy.   I can send the string repeatedly and the peripheral device responds accordingly.   When I increase the string a bit more, to around 90 bytes, while the string shows up on the terminal window, communication locks up    If I increase the string length to the full desired length (204 bytes), I get the first few characters of the string, and of course the system is hosed after that.   I made certain my payload is set to about 256 bytes for both transmit and receive for the peripheral device. My UART buffers are also ample on both central and peripheral devices (1024 bytes).  Any ideas why I be running into issues with these larger payload sizes?