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      I'd to know which is the best method in terms of speed to load a DMA from SRAM.


      My DMA load 32 bit from SRAM and write this value into the Shift Register FIFO.


      My instruction is:


      CyDmaTdSetAddress(DMA_ShiftReg_TD[0], LO16((uint32)SSI_Tx.b), LO16((uint32)ShiftReg_interface_IN_FIFO_VAL_LSB_PTR));




      where SSI_Tx is a union:


      union {


               uint32 l;


               uint16 w[2];


               uint8 b[4];


      } SSI_Tx;




      If I should change my instruction with the follow:


      CyDmaTdSetAddress(DMA_ShiftReg_TD[0], LO16((uint32)fifo), LO16((uint32)ShiftReg_interface_IN_FIFO_VAL_LSB_PTR));


      where "fifo" is an array:


      uint32 fifo[4];


      it would be more quicly to tranfer data from DMA to ShiftRegister or not?


      Thanks and regards