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    USBFX3 SPI control ADC

      hello, I am new to usb_fx3,now I have an adc control by spi, so I wonder if usb_fx3 can finish the job?In other words,if I can use spi of fx3 to control the adc? If it can ,how to do ? which firmware I should read?



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          normaly ther is now probleme! , u can prepare your soft adc and includ it in your project usb, try to be sure that the soft of the adc work, i use adc +usb hid at the same project and it s work normaly with now problem !


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            hello,azbida ,thanks for your time , I understand what you said,but now I want to use FX3's GPIF II to transfer my adc data to the pc,and my adc is 10M clock,and 12 bit  parallel data, as far as I know ,GPIF can only configure 8/16/24/32


            bit, so how to handle my 12 bit data,can you give me any suggestions, thank you very much.



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              You can use 16-bit GPIF interface. Connect the 12 bit parallel bus from ADC to 12 bits of GPIF interface (DQ[15:4]) and connect the remaining 4 bits (DQ[3:0]) of GPIF data bus to GND. You need to write a Host Application, in which for every 2 bytes, you  have to remove the last 4 bits to get the actual data sent by ADC.