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    FX3 UVC YUV422 / RAW Camera

      Hello everyone,


      I'm trying to stream video from an Aptina-Camera with UVC to a PC. Using the FX3-Board and the USBVideoClass-Example (for RAW - Aptina MT9M114) I get no picture / video on PC.




      Here my setup:


      - Camera 10bit RAW or YUV422 (both doesn't work) with I2C connection to another device - so there is no need for sensor.c/sensor.h


      - Camera 1280 x 960   30FPS


      - AN75779 / FX3_RAWData_Cypress Driver and Descriptors.zip example




      changes made:






      uint8_t glProbeCtrl[CY_FX_UVC_MAX_PROBE_SETTING] 


      uint8_t glProbeCtrl20[CY_FX_UVC_MAX_PROBE_SETTING]






      /* Class specific Uncompressed VS Frame descriptor */


       /* Class specific Uncompressed VS format descriptor */


      -> set resolution, FPS and bitrate ...




      I got often


      Error in CyU3PDmaMultiChannelCommitBuffer: code 71


      and the I made modification like in




      Then I got debug prints like ...


      UVC: Completed 106 frames and 135 buffers


      UVC: Completed 106 frames and 147 buffers






      But no video at all




      Are there any other changes I must made to get the cam working?




      Thank You,


      Regards Norman